11 Tips to Keep Your Baby Looking Stylish

Just because your baby isn’t old enough to tell you which styles he or she likes doesn’t mean you can’t buy fashionable baby clothes. As you shop for your son or daughter, look for some of these functional styles.

1. Go for Rompers and Onesies

The simplest way to start your baby’s outfit is with a traditional onesie. They are available in solid colors, patterns or with a range of cute pictures or saying on them, making them easy to dress up or dress down. Is it hot out? The onesie can be a complete outfit all on its own. If you have a daughter, you can take the one-piece a step further by getting her in on the romper trend. Pretty florals and lace details will make her look adorable.

 Instagram  @simplystatedok

Instagram @simplystatedok

2. Buy Toddler Clothes and Get Creative

Who says your baby needs to wear clothes in his or her own size? Oversized fashion is in style, so grab some t-shirts from the toddler department and pair them with your son’s favorite jeans or your daughter’s cute little leggings. You can tie the shirt on the side to keep it shorter and create a throwback ‘80s style or simply leave it long on a baby girl and let her wear it as a dress. Larger clothes even do double duty since you’ll be able to keep using the item for a year or two.

 Instagram  @monbebeapparel

Instagram @monbebeapparel

3. Try Dark Denim

Adults already know that dark denim pairs with everything and baby fashion is no exception. Dark denim can be dressed down with t-shirts, hoodies and sneakers. If you want your son or daughter to look a bit more pulled together, pair the denim with a button-up shirt for a baby boy or a cute blouse for a baby girl. The truly fashion-forward can even add a denim jacket if it fits the occasion.

4. Get a Few Dresses

Dresses are probably the easiest way to clothe a baby girl. During the summer, she can wear them by themselves or pair them with a diaper cover for a cute, cool outfit that’s easy to remove when it’s time for a diaper change. During cooler months, pair dresses with leggings or leg warmers to keep her warm while still looking fashionable. Choose dresses in a few styles so you’ll have options whether your day will be spent at the park or in a more elegant setting.

 Instagram  @aieshalouise

Instagram @aieshalouise

 Instagram @instafashion.ir

Instagram @instafashion.ir

5. Look for Items That Fit Your Baby’s Body Type

Just like adults, babies have different body types. While most people imagine babies as little bundles of chubby legs and adorable tummies, some babies are naturally skinny in the legs or torso. Classic-cut denim or traditional t-shirts may be too short or too loose on a thinner baby. Onesies paired with leggings or shorts paired with thick tights and socks will fit better and look cuter.

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6. Find Fun T-Shirts

T-shirts are a staple item for most babies and yours is probably no exception. They are the perfect way to show off personality — both yours and baby’s. Whether you choose t-shirts with cute characters or fun sayings, the possibilities are practically endless. Don’t forget to purchase a few long-sleeved t-shirts in basic colors. You can layer them under short-sleeved tees on chillier days so your son or daughter stays both fashionable and warm.

 instagram  @_rosemommy_

instagram @_rosemommy_

7. Mix Patterns

A popular trend this spring and summer is to mix patterns, which makes dressing your baby even easier. Do you love stripes and polka dots? Try a polka-dotted top with striped leggings. Are you a big fan of floral patterns?  Grab a flowery shirt and pair it with striped leggings. Mixing patterns has an added benefit. In addition to being fashionable, it’ll be easy to grab an outfit and go if you find yourself running late.

 instagram  @bbyalessia

instagram @bbyalessia

 instagram  @cleared.hott

instagram @cleared.hott

8. Don’t Be Afraid to Try Accessories

Accessories aren’t just for grownups. Tiny headbands and baby-sized jewelry are perfect for showing off your baby’s feminine side. If you don’t want your baby boy to miss out on the accessory trend, purchase some tiny baseball caps and baby sunglasses and turn him into Mr. Cool. Regardless of your baby’s gender, a simple black headband works well as a belt for all types of outfits.

 Instagram  @kasmatka

Instagram @kasmatka

 Instagram  @meela_and_isla

Instagram @meela_and_isla

9. Dress Your Baby in Layers

Not sure how the weather will be? Stick to fashionable layers. For baby boys, find cargo pants that can be unzipped into shorts and pair them with a t-shirt and a hoodie. If you have a baby girl, a ruffled skirt works well over leggings and can be matched with a t-shirt and hoodie. As the weather warms up or cools down, you can add and remove layers as needed without forsaking your baby’s style.

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10. Skip the Bib in Favor of Bandanas

Everyone knows that bibs are a necessity for any baby, but most of them just don’t look cute with your baby’s outfits. Instead of using traditional bibs, why not pick up a set of bandanas in a variety of colors? You can match them to your baby’s outfits and tie them around his or her neck. Bring an extra one with you and simply switch them out when you need to. Baby’s outfit will stay clean without an unfashionable bib to mess up the style.

 Instagram @meela_and_isla

Instagram @meela_and_isla

11. Remember the Socks and Shoes

Don’t forget about your baby’s feet! While he or she may be too young to need walking shoes, soft-sole shoes are good for developing feet and really pull an outfit together. Try miniature versions of popular styles such as colorful gym shoes or canvas sneakers. Tiny boots, loafers or Mary Janes work well with dressier outfits. Of course, you can’t forget the baby sandals. After all, he or she needs to look good at the beach, too.

With a bit of creativity, your baby can look like he or she just stepped off the runway at New York Fashion Week. For more tips on dressing your baby, follow KAMO on social media. You can find us on Twitter (@kamo_family), Facebook and Instagram (kamofamily).

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