18 Things You Can Definitely Expect to Happen in Your First Year of Having a Child

While you are pregnant, you might be looking forward to the day when your baby is finally born, and you no longer have to deal with morning sickness and weird cravings. It is a real blessing to hold your baby in your arms, but after you get home from the hospital, the challenge of actually raising a child comes into play. No matter how much you prepare, all parents get caught off-guard for just how much work is involved, especially during that first year. You can take solace in the fact all parents have to go through this.

6 Acceptable Things to Feel

A lot of emotions are to be expected when you are a first-time parent. The following emotions will definitely come into play as you start raising your child.

  • Appreciation: When you are no longer pregnant, you will begin to appreciate all the little things you could not do while pregnant, such as sleeping on your stomach.
  • Overwhelmed: All parents feel overwhelmed at one point or another. It is totally natural, so make sure to take time to focus on your own mental well-being and get a good cry out.
  • Fear: As a new parent, you will always be wondering if you are doing the right thing. No one can ever be 100 percent certain of how to raise a child, so simply focus on doing your best.
  • Exhaustion: At a certain point, you are going to wonder why no one explained how hard this would be to you. You will feel exhausted, but at the same time, you will find yourself at a loss for words when other expectant parents come to you for advice.
  • Anger: This is more about anger toward other people than your child. You can expect to receive advice from a lot of people who guarantee they know the secret. However, once you implement the advice, it simply does not work. No one fully knows what they are doing, and that is OK.
  • Guilty: Eventually, you will go back to work or simply go out to hang out with friends. At first, you can expect to feel guilty when you do these things because you will feel as though you should be with your baby. You deserve to spend time on yourself, so try not to feel too guilty.

A lot of emotions come with having a child. Try your best to control these feelings, and speak with professionals if it ever seems too difficult.

6 Acceptable Things to Do

As a first-time parent, you might find yourself doing things you never would have imagined before. The following are fairly common.

  • Always Being Late: Even if you were always prompt to work or hanging out with friends, you can expect to be slowed down to engagements significantly once you have a baby in your household.
  • Foregoing Showers: There is nothing quite as relaxing as stepping into a nice, hot shower. Once a kid is added to the mix, do not be surprised to realize you have forgotten to shower in a few days.
  • Be Unable to Count: After you have gone without sufficient sleep for a while, you might find it difficult to carry out basic tasks. Do not feel ashamed if you forget how to count to 10 or cannot remember where you put your keys.
  • Eat Certain Things at Weird Hours: Do not be surprised if eventually you find yourself eating chocolate or cakes first thing in the morning. When you are strapped for time, it is normal to just opt for whatever is easiest. While acceptable once in a while, do not get into the habit, and remember to continue to eat healthy.
  • Be Content With Messiness: Your newborn can make quite the mess. Sometimes you will feel like just lying on the couch and being OK with the mess until someone else comes by to clean it up.
  • Forget to Respond to Friends: It is completely natural to forget to respond to a text or stay up to date on social media. Your friends will understand if you have a lot on your plate at the moment.

Do not worry if you begin shirking some responsibilities. You have to look out for another human being now, so it is understandable if you lose track of certain things.

6 Acceptable Things to Happen to You

You might notice things happening to your body and mind within the first year. The following occurrences are normal, and you should be ready for them.

  • Postpartum Body: Ladies, you have just created human life. It is completely natural for your body to be stretched or dimpled. While you can work out and eat healthy to get your old body back, remember you are beautiful no matter what.
  • Bleeding Breasts: Unfortunately, most physical changes happen to women instead of men. Your breasts might bleed eventually, especially if you breast feed. It is natural.
  • Gaining Flexibility: This has more to do with you being more willing to ask for help. You might not want to seem like you cannot handle parenthood, but everyone feels overwhelmed. Asking for assistance is never a sign of weakness.
  • Being Physically Exhausted: Once you have a child, you are going to feel as though you just ran a marathon at the end of every day.
  • Questioning Other Parents: When you see other parents, you can expect yourself to start judging everything they do. You might wonder if they are doing something good or start criticizing their techniques in comparison to yours.
  • Wanting Your Parents: It is natural to want to revert to your own childhood during this time. Whether your parents are still alive or not, you will want to talk to them and see them more than ever before.

Parenthood is a big deal. It takes a lot out of you, so if you ever feel exhausted, worn out or tired, reach out to loved ones. KAMO understands that this time can be stressful, which is why we have numerous resources to assist you. To stay up to date, you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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