Due to popular demand we decided to make a quick tutorial on the Stickman costume! Once you get your hands on all the materials, it should only take approximately 20 minutes to assemble. Don't let the diagrams scare you, it really is easy! 

Materials (Click on the name to buy from Amazon):

  1. Battery holder x 1   
  2. 1-to-3 Power Splitter x 1
  3. Power Extension Cable x 3
  4. Strip Connector (4 pack) 
  5. LED Strip Lights
  6. Hoodie (preferably black)
  7. Pants (preferably black)
  8. AA batteries x 8
Stickman Costume Connection Diagram

Stickman Costume Connection Diagram

The 3 separate LED strips should be attached to your clothes like below:


  • using a hoodie will make it easier to form the stickman head
  • the LED strips will come with adhesives on the back
  • Make sure you measure the length of the LED strips like the diagram above
  • When cutting the LED strips cut between the metal poles: 
  • The connection between 4 & 5 should be handled like the following, where the 2 metal strips are touching the two copper circles: 

and that's it! Hope you all have a happy Halloween! Happy trick-or-treating! 

drop us an email or comment if you have any more questions!