As parents, we have all pondered this question, “What is the best baby stroller?”

Safety is always the primary concern.

Four sturdy wheels with suspension, protective cushioning, rigid yet foldable structure with large storage space.

But it has to be easy for us to carry?

Fine, then how about smaller wheels, safe adjustable structure, comfortable ergonomic cushioning, decent storage space and it even comes with a cup holder.

But what if we go abroad?

Ok then three wheels, compact structure, fits into luggage compartment, can even carry it like a backpack!

Maybe we should get two?

Sigh, isn’t there one that is both sturdy and light weight with protective and comfortable cushioning, can take on any terrain and offers maximum comfort and safety?

Grandpa and Grandma?

Here at Kamo we like to get together and bounce crazy future ideas off of each other. This week's topic was "The Perfect Stroller" and we came up with the following:

Concept 1. Safety first but underwhelming?

Concept 2. Old School submarine but too bulky?

Concept 3. Cute, but come on, no levitation?

Finally we settled on "The Perfect Stroller"

Got any other cool ideas? comment below because we'd love to hear them!

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