25 Things that Happen in First Time Pregnancy

Are you pregnant for the first time? The next ten months will bring many changes in a lot of ways- physically, mentally, and emotionally. While it can be an exciting time, it can also be overwhelming, scary, and frustrating. Everyone will experience pregnancy differently, and it is okay to have different feelings as it goes along.

Knowing what these changes will be may make it easier for you to prepare as much as possible.

The following list will help guide you through the changes as you navigate this new period of your life (that leads to an even crazier period of your life!).

Some things to be aware of during your pregnancy:

  1. You will feel crazy fatigue at all times of the day. Take naps when you can and aim to get eight to ten hours of sleep each night. The tiredness will subside during the second trimester but then come back towards the end of your term.
  2. Nausea and vomiting are common for many women. They are probably the least fun symptoms of the first trimester, although some moms-to-be experience them through the second trimester as well. Ginger, peppermint tea, and eating small snacks throughout the day may help manage the nausea.
  3. Expect to spend a lot of time in the bathroom, especially during the first and third trimester. Hormonal changes make it feel like to you need to go all the time, and during the third trimester when your baby is constantly pressing into your bladder, you may feel a constant need to pee.
  4. You may have weird food cravings. This is often your body’s way of letting you know it needs certain foods, such as protein, or is lacking in particular nutrients. Tell your midwife or ob/gyn, as they may be able to guide you towards what you need.
  5. Eat healthy when you can. You are responsible for what your baby takes in, so try not to live off crappy food.
  6. Stay away from smoking and alcohol. You will be able to drink wine again (someday…). For now it is off-limits, but wine-o’clock can be back in full swing once you are a mother.
  7. Become besties with your ob-gyn. Whether you see a doctor or a midwife, you will become very close with them throughout your pregnancy. Don’t be afraid to ask or share your concerns about anything.
  8. Most women will experience sore boobs. As your breasts prepare to feed a human being, they will grow in size and become painful and sensitive. Enjoy the voluptuousness before your child literally sucks the life out of them.
  9. Your sex life may change. The increase in hormones causes some women to want sex all the time, while this increase causes other women to have no sexual desires during pregnancy.
  10. Your fluctuating hormones may drive you, and everyone around you, crazy. One minute you’ll be crying, the next laughing, the next angry, the next crying, etc….
  11. Enjoy sleep. Once the baby comes, you will miss it. Invest in a pregnancy pillow in the last months, as your growing belly will make it more challenging to get comfortable.
  12. Embrace comfort. This is not the time to wear heals or tight clothing. Dress in sweats if you want.
  13. Exercise is important. It may be challenging during the first trimester, but exercising throughout the pregnancy is great for both you and baby. Modify the intensity for your comfort level.
  14. Everyone reacts to being pregnant differently. Some women love it and others do not. Don’t feel guilty it it’s not your favorite thing and you want to keep it more private. If you love it don’t be afraid to show off your belly and take lots of pictures.
  15. Announce your pregnancy only when you are ready. Many parents-to-be wait until they make it through the first trimester, but you can wait as long as you want. You can also keep it within your close circle of friends and family if you are a more private person.
  16. Some women experience bouts of dizziness during the course of their pregnancy. Taking your time standing up and staying out of the heat will help.
  17. Back pain is common. As your baby grows, your protruding belly will cause lower back and hip pain. Communicate with your health care provider about remedies and things to do to help manage it.
  18. Add headaches and heartburn to the mix. Hormone changes and a belly that takes over your middle area will cause some uncomfortable symptoms.
  19. Don’t be afraid to protect your personal space. Feeling baby movements is cool, but you have the right to say no if you don’t want others touching your belly.
  20. You will probably experience swelling. Towards the end of your pregnancy, your ankles and feet will puff out (hello, cankles!). Stay off your feet as much as possible and keep them elevated at the end of the day.
  21. Ask for foot rubs. Your increased weight will cause your feet to be sore and tired. Your partner is the perfect person to help you out.
  22. Stretch marks are common. Using certain lotions and gaining weight at a steady rate will help keep them to a minimum.
  23. Don’t feel guilty about taking it easy. Your body is going through a lot, and once the baby arrives you will find it difficult to find time for yourself.
  24. Enjoy being baby-free. While you are excited for your little one to make an appearance, life will change dramatically being a parent. Enjoy alone time and time with your partner before life gets crazy.
  25. Labor will probably not go according to plan. Although you should have a plan in place, keep in mind that things may change, and it will be easier if you allow for flexibility.

Pregnancy brings lots of change, and it can feel like a lifetime, but once your term is finished you will be able to hold your precious baby boy or girl.  For more tips about pregnancy and parenting, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

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