A Baby High Chair That Works Anywhere

Many parents look back at their childhood experience and vow to never be like their parents. Maybe you had less and you’re determined to give your child more, but that determination has left you feeling like every time you leave the house, you’re packing to go on a family vacation.

A portable baby high chair may sound like just another thing to put in the car, but this is one piece of gear that may be more important than the pack n’ play. That one got your attention didn’t it? So why should you invest your carefully allocated dollars on a portable high chair? It turns out that a portable high chair may end up being more sanitary than the ones you’ll likely use while eating out, and they are a convenient way to stay on the go with a baby in tow.

Boost Your Baby’s Seat and Immune System

Babies are vulnerable targets for more than the incessant fawning of cooing strangers. Germs and bacteria can catch a free ride on your baby’s fingers to the front line of the war against your child’s immune system. To the extent possible, it’s helpful if their fingers are kept away from germ-ridden environments.

Imagine a place where germs are transferred from multiple babies every day and stored in one place. Imagine that same place compounded with germs and bacteria growing robustly on spilled food from days or weeks ago.

Then, imagine plopping your baby down at dinnertime right on top of that germ party commonly known as a restaurant high chair. Any guesses on who’s invited to that fancy soiree? The guest list includes E-coli (just one name, like Madonna) and some guy named Staph aureus. It’s a safe bet that neither one will be a good influence on your children.

Only You Can Prevent Poop Germs

Poop germs can find their way into the body through food prepared or handled by someone with unwashed hands. While one would like to think that no one ignores the “employees must wash hands” sign in the restroom, or that after changing a diaper all harried mother’s keep their hands lathered in soap long enough to sing the alphabet song, but that is not always the case. These party-crashing germs are the catalyst for some of the following unpleasant illnesses:

  • Cholera
  • Typhoid
  • Gastroenteritis

(For more detail on what loiters in the dark alleys of high chair crevices, check out this link: Public Baby High Chairs Have More Germs Than A Public Toilet). With so many unpleasant visitors around, having a portable high chair that you can clean and maintain can help keep other children’s poop (and related maladies) away from your child.

Portable High Chair Convenience

Fortunately, the manufacturers of portable high chairs know that it wouldn’t be practical to expect parents to haul around anything bulky and inflexible. To that end, portable high chairs often come with the following convenient characteristics:

  • Free standing
  • Lightweight
  • Easily cleaned
  • Moderately priced
  • Easily stored
  • Adaptable
  • Durable material
  • Shareable
Portable High Chair - Bumbo Multi Seat. Photo: Amazon

Portable High Chair - Bumbo Multi Seat. Photo: Amazon

Prevent the Next Outbreak

If you’ve previously spent time with small children, you know how quickly a small sneeze can turn into a viral contagion. Even though you try to keep your child healthy, his or her contact with Playmate Patient Zero or that playmate’s chair could still incite an outbreak in your home. Using your portable high chair can help limit the germs your child comes into contact with and in turn help protect your whole family.

Convenience is a Mom’s Best Friend

Mom may like her diamonds, but in the early stages of motherhood, she may be willing to trade all of her diamonds for convenience. Luckily for her, portable high chairs are commonly praised for their convenience and versatility. Last minute picnic at the park? Your baby’s chair is ready. Family reunion? Grab the portable high chair and go. Outdoor concert? Visiting friends? Random meal time? Check, check and check.

Sage Advice

No product is foolproof. Even benign items like cushy blankets pose breathing hazards. In the same manner that you make sure your baby sleeps on his or her back and isn’t surrounded by dangerous bedding, you want to take precautions to make sure you use your portable high chair properly.

Safety Straps First

Healthychildren.org (sponsored by the American Academy of Pediatrics) admonishes parents to engage the safety straps while the chair is in use. Prior to learning the phrase “may I be excused”, your child is liable to try any number of acrobatic tricks to exit the dinner table. Your watchful eye and the safety straps will help to limit their mobility and the feasibility of their escape plans.

The American Academy of Pediatrics also advises that chairs with a lock be secured while in use and siblings be monitored when nearby. High chair horseplay can quickly turn an outdoor adventure into an emergency room escapade. You can read more about recommended safety tips for high chair use by following this link: High Chair Safety Tips .

Is a Portable High Chair Really Worth the Investment?

Depending on your budget, high chairs can range from low double-digits to hundreds of dollars. If you run this prospective purchase by your parents, they may tell you that you or your older sibling(s) didn’t have a portable high chair and they got by just fine. Now that said, they also got by without a cell phone and quite possibly without legally making you wear a seat belt.

Naturally, you’ll want to keep mom and dad’s counsel under the “sage advice” referenced above, but be sure to keep it in context. A portable high chair could make life easier during a hectic and rapidly-changing stage of your child’s development. Keeping your sanity while keeping your child sanitary is a combination that many mothers would argue is worth an investment!

Keep It Clean

Once you find the high chair that works best for you, don’t skip the step that many busy restaurants overlook. Remember to clean, wash, and sanitize your portable high chair regularly.

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