Does Santa Claus Really Exist?

This is a question we all pondered at one point.

That a bearded, fairly old individual on a sleigh with flying reindeer would deliver presents to us on Christmas Eve.

Quite a few of us believed it when we were little but as we grew older we realized or were told that he does not exist.

That there are too many houses to visit, that reindeer do not fly, that it was our parents putting the presents in the stockings.

Some of us believe he does exist.

That reindeer do not fly but Santa’s does, that Santa can manipulate time and indeed does visit each house, that he has elves, thousands of them to help him magically organize this once a year event in unimaginable ways.

Some of us believe he exists in the form of an idea, a legend, and a cultural icon.

That maybe he doesn’t physically exist but is the central figure of the holiday season. That just because we haven’t seen him does not mean he doesn’t exist.

Then comes the time when we want to tell our kids about Santa Claus.

A simple no he does not exist seems cruel. As kids, being able to freely imagine the world as they see it is the best gift any parent can give, so most of the time we tell them that yes Santa does exist, so does dragons and fairies and hobbits and totoros, and of course Hogwarts too.

Growing up and realizing that these are just fantasies probably took most of us a while, but it probably took us longer to accept the fact/misconception they really do not exist.

As we are stuck with our everyday jobs, trying to pay bills, to support our family, we almost subconsciously remind ourselves from time to time that deep down we want to witness something extraordinary, something out of this world, something that challenges Newton and his laws, something that is wonderful, warm, exciting, and adventurous.

And we secretly hope one day to see a totoro running across our lawn, or stumble onto platform nine and three quarters, or come across an elf helping Santa to deliver gifts on Christmas Eve.

After all it is fun to have dreams and to live them once in a while.

So do look for Father Christmas this holiday season, you might not find him, but we are certain you will find Christmas in the process.

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