7 Ways to Get Your Kids Excited About Healthy Cooking

If getting your kids to eat a healthy diet is a daily struggle, you are not alone. Few kids are born loving vegetables, and encouraging them to put down the French fries and pick up the apple slices often feels like an exercise in futility.

No matter what the age of your children, there are simple ways to spark an interest in healthy eating and quality cooking. Here are seven ways to get your kids excited about cooking, and eating, healthier family meals.

Plant a vegetable garden

There is nothing like working the soil to foster appreciation of the delicious foods that grow there. Planting a vegetable garden with your child is one of the best ways to spark an interest in healthy cooking.

 baby going to work at a vegetable garden

baby going to work at a vegetable garden

Use food labels as reading practice

Reading and analyzing nutritional labels is a great way for the little ones to practice their reading skills, and the knowledge they gain will be invaluable in later years.

Visit a local farm 

From small hobby farms to large growing operations, many agricultural institutions offer guided tours. Learning about how healthy food is produced is a valuable lesson for any young person.

Watch cooking shows 

Television does not have to be a waste of time. Cooking shows, especially those aimed at children, are great for sparking an interest in healthy cooking and proper meal preparation.

Invest in some kid-friendly cookbooks 

Traditional cookbooks can be intimidating even for adults, so think how your child must feel. Stocking your kitchen shelves with kid-friendly cookbooks is a great way to get them interested in healthier eating habits.

Let the kids help out

They may not be ready to cook a full meal, but there are plenty of things the kids can do to help out around the kitchen. From chopping vegetables to making the salad, giving the kids kitchen chores will help them feel included.

 daughter cooking with parents

daughter cooking with parents

Give the kids a healthy food allowance 

It is never too early to teach your kids the value of a dollar, and establishing a healthy eating budget lets you kill two birds with one stone. Give your child a set amount of money and let them pick out their own healthy dinner ingredients.

Healthy eating does not have to be difficult or intimidating for your kids. If you want your kids to eat healthier, you need to set a good example, create better food habits and look for smart ways to get them involved in meal planning and preparation.

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