How To: A Fashion Guide for Toddlers

The toddler years are such fun ages. Between the ages of two and five, your son or daughter will start to truly show his or her own personality in everything from favorite books to what clothes to wear. Of course, you want your kids to look great, but they’ll have some opinions, too. This fashion guide for toddlers will help you find outfits that satisfy parent and child alike.

Grab the Basics First

Regardless of the season, every great outfit begins with the basics. For the summer months, grab a few t-shirts and pairs of shorts or skirts in basic colors. When you need to dress the kids for colder months, look for leggings, jeans and long-sleeved tees in basic colors. If you decide to do patterns for basics, look for thin stripes or tiny polka dots; they are easier to match to other items since the pattern isn’t too loud.

Add Pops of Color

Current trends are all about being colorful. While neutral basics are a good starting point, adding some color shows personality. Your toddler is likely starting to come up with his or her own fashion ideas, so don’t be afraid to let him or her choose some clothing in favorite colors. If you’d still like a bit of control, choose one or two items that you like and then let your son or daughter make the final decision. Remember, fashion is changing and it’s no longer a “requirement” for girls to wear pink and boys to wear blue, so don’t be afraid to let your son grab some pastels or your daughter wear navy blue or dark gray. In fact, all shades of gray are quite popular right now.

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Instagram @themrsgibby

Buy Items That Are Easy to Pull Up

Chances are your toddler has reached the age where he or she wants to do most things alone. When shopping for clothes for your son or daughter, look for items with elastic waistbands, larger head holes and buttons or zippers that are large enough for your toddler to try to work on his or her own. In addition to making dressing a fun time for learning and a less stressful time for Mom and Dad, following these guidelines make it easier to dress and undress for potty training purposes.

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Instagram @lewis.jaxon

Get Creative With Shoes

Now that your toddler is walking, shoes have become a necessity instead of just a fun accessory. Ideally, your son or daughter will have a pair of solid gym shoes that match casual outfits and work well for days at the park or walking around the zoo. If you are into the canvas sneaker trend, go for it, but avoid letting your toddler wear these shoes when you will be walking a lot because they aren’t very protective of the feet. For dressier options, choose sandals, Mary Janes, loafers or ankle booties. Does your toddler love country styles? A pair of cowboy boots pairs well with everything from dark denim to sundresses.

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Instagram @chadcantcolor

Don’t Be Afraid to Repurpose Items

Does your daughter have an adorable shirt that she hasn’t quite grown into yet? Don’t let it sit in the back of the closet until she’s tall enough to wear it. Instead, use it as a dress. When paired with leggings, cute shoes and a tiny belt — use a headband if you can’t find a belt small enough — even a class solid-color t-shirt will look adorable. Maybe your child has a pair of jeans that he or she has gotten too tall for. Don’t toss them out just yet. Cut them into shorts and pair them with a tank top and a pair of canvas sneakers or flip-flops for a casual summer outfit.

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Instagram @schwabros

Make the Most of Accessories

Fashion just isn’t fashion without a few accessories. Headbands, bracelets, earrings and purses are excellent ways to pull together your daughter’s outfits and the purse makes it easier for her to carry a book or something else to keep her entertained in the car. For boys, jazz up a casual outfit with hats, ties or even suspenders. Necklaces and belts are popular for all genders. Other ideas include glasses without the lenses, sunglasses, bandanas or even something as simple as brightly colored shoelaces.

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Instagram @imandco_

Skip the Expensive Stores

Toddlers are constantly growing. There’s a good chance that what fits now won’t fit in six months, so avoid overspending on something he or she may only wear a few times. Thrift stores are an excellent place to find toddler clothes for as little as a few cents per item and if you love the vintage look, you might even find something like what you wore as a toddler. Remember the floral one-piece short sets that tied at the shoulders in the ‘80s? Wouldn’t they look adorable now? If you aren’t into the vintage look — or if your toddler isn’t — check out secondhand children’s clothing shops. They often only buy the latest trends, so you’ll be able to keep up with the styles without spending an arm and a leg.

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Buy at Least One High-End Outfit

While you shouldn’t overspend on everyday items, it is totally okay to spend a bit extra for a special occasion. Weddings, church events, school picture days or other special occasions call for a special outfit and may be the only time you can get your toddler to wear a fancy dress or three-piece suit — bribing optional. Whether you go long or short, dresses with tulle bottoms are both fashionable and feminine and can be worn with Mary Janes for younger toddlers and dressy sandals for older girls. If you have a son, a suit in dark gray or black will work for nearly any occasion. Suspenders, a tie or a bold-colored handkerchief will add a pop of color. Don’t forget to purchase dress shoes.

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Instagram @nyearthur

Whether your child loves bright colors and bold patterns or tends to be more reserved, you are sure to bond with him or her when you choose outfits together. To learn more about fashion for your kids and yourself, follow KAMO on social media. We have homes on Twitter (@kamo_family), Facebook and Instagram (kamofamily).

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