Most of us can agree that money is not the most important thing in life.

Some say it is the second most important thing, others think it can buy all the important things, and there are some who think we will all do better without it.

The real challenge comes when conveying this concept to kids.

The concept of money.

No we’re not talking about playing monopoly with kids although it is fun when they land on your hotels but teaching them the true value of money.

And the powers, weaknesses, and dangerousness that come along with using and misusing it.

Most parents try to teach kids to be smart with their money.

They encourage them to save, give them pocket money for house chores, and advise them on the difference between wants and needs.

It is definitely one of the most important lessons to learn and also one the most difficult to teach.

Every kid is different, take monopoly for example, some love to land on chance, others love to build hotels, some only want to own all four train stations and no land, there are even some who don’t want to play at all. 

Ultimately it comes down to teaching them to be happy and that my friends, is no easy task when money is added to the mix.

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