Pregnancy Shopping List: What You Need To Get During The Second Trimester

In the second trimester, your belly becomes bigger, rounder, and more distinct … and the reality of your pregnancy begins setting in. Don’t get nervous at the prospect of upcoming changes; get prepared. Here is a roundup of items to place on your shopping list during this time to keep you on track.

Maternity Wear

While you may already have a few pieces of maternity wear in the closet, the second trimester will bring more pronounced changes to your body. You will get more of a feel during this time of how you will carry. Pick up a few more articles of non-restrictive clothing that are loose enough to grow into. Take note of whether you are bothered by bands across or above your belly as you will find with many types of maternity pants. If this style is uncomfortable for you, opt for low-rise pants or skirts with elastic bands that fall below the belly.

Fashionable, Stylish & Trendy Maternity Wear. Photo: BAE

Fashionable, Stylish & Trendy Maternity Wear. Photo: BAE


Just when you think your breasts can’t grow any larger, they most certainly will. The bras you purchased in the first trimester will likely feel tight within a few months. They can also stretch out with the rapid growth, lessening the amount of support offered. Have yourself measured by a specialist to ensure you are looking at the proper sizes. This can help decrease breast tenderness as well as alleviate back and shoulder pain. Invest in a couple quality pieces and take note of major changes or discomfort down the road that suggest you need to purchase replacements or get remeasured.


Save the cute, impractical shoes for special occasions. The rest of the time, let comfort be the leading factor in your shoe choice. The increased weight can add strain to your hips, knees, and ankles. With an expanding belly, your body will compensate in the necessary ways to maintain balance and a solid pair of shoes will help do this without adding undue stress to your muscles and joints. Pick up the most comfortable, supportive footwear you can find. Keep in mind that your gait changes during pregnancy, so shoes may get worn down in a manner inconsistent with your normal wear. This may make them incompatible with your support needs post-partum.

Dipes and Wipes

It may seem crazy to purchase diapers and wet wipes when the little arrival isn’t due for months. However, once your bundle has arrived, so will the constant diaper changing marathons. You’ll be amazed at how quickly a fully stocked diaper closet dwindles. The continuous purchasing of supplies in the first few months can also be harsh on the wallet and downright exhausting on those days when you can barely find the energy to shower, let alone run to the store with a newborn in tow. Make it a habit now of picking up one package of diapers and wipes each time you go shopping to create a substantial emergency stash. Since you don’t know how much your baby will weigh at birth, avoid stocking up on the tiny sizes and instead focus on sizes one and two.  


While you may plan to have the baby sleep in a bassinet or something similar at the beginning, the last thing you want to worry about is shopping for and assembling a crib while juggling new-parent chores. Take time to review assorted styles to find the one that best fits your space and personal style, then have it delivered to the nursery. This doesn’t mean you must put it together right away, but if mom-to-be is going to be involved in assembly, it is best to set a time prior to the third trimester to complete the task. Be sure to pick up a mattress to go in it and add plenty of crib sheets to the shopping list.

Nursery Décor

If you are setting up a nursery, choose your theme now so you can begin picking up paint and décor to go with it. If you are unsure about creating a specific theme for the room, pick your favorite item or baby toy that you want to go into the space and choose a color palette around it. For instance, if you have a painting that wish to hang or a mobile that you adore, use that as your base and decorate with colors, materials, and other decorative items that compliment it.

Baby Boy Nursery Room.

Baby Boy Nursery Room.

Changing Table

As with the crib, choosing the changing table in the second trimester allows you time to find the size that works best as well as the style that fits your nursery. A changing table offers a clean, safe place that is stocked with all the necessary supplies for those middle-of-night changes without having to add to your sleep deprivation by seeking out a changing mat.

Rocking Chair

A rocking chair or glider is a must-have for those periods when the baby -- or you -- needs serious soothing. The back and forth motion is calming and is a wonderful way to lull a baby to sleep. Pick one now that will fit with the nursery décor and designate a space for it. Consider a matching ottoman on which you can rest your tired feet. Break it in throughout the rest of your pregnancy to relax and mentally prepare for your upcoming adventure.

Photo Shoot

If you are wanting to have a maternity photo shoot done to capture the essence of your pregnancy, now is the time to place a deposit to reserve the slot. You will likely wait until the final trimester for the most dramatic belly pics, but many photographers schedule shoots well in advance. Choose a professional who has experience in this type of photography and view online portfolios to ensure that she or he offers the style you want. Set an appointment for a consultation beforehand to go over details such as where the shoot will be held, background options, the number of clothing changes, and whether there are additional fees if including others in a shot. Be familiar with the package sets, a la carte options, and whether there is a minimal amount that you will be expected to purchase. 

Pregnancy Photoshoot by Mimi Ikonn

Pregnancy Photoshoot by Mimi Ikonn

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