It’s no secret that kids love animals. It seems puzzling yet magical how a child can be so fascinated with any animal they come across. The toy industry picks up on this and “cutifies” all animals regardless of what the animal actually looks like. Children are so intrigued by other living creatures that almost all of them will ask you at some point if they can take one home.

As parents, the question of “should I get my kid or kids a pet,” is almost unavoidable? The pros are obvious: companionship, responsibility, compassion, respect for life, the list goes on. There are quite a few cons too: allergies, not enough time, cost, noise, and etc. There are arguments about adopting vs buying pets, debates about neutering, discussions and suggestions on finding the right pet for you and your family.

Every family is different and it is probably best for us parents to consider all scenarios and options before getting our child that lion cub he/she always wanted. For those who already bought their kids pets good for you, please take care of them, and we hope your kids will have the best of times growing up with their animal companion.

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