Supercharge Your Parenting With These iPhone Apps

Parenting has always been a difficult job, and for the bulk of human history, new parents could only turn to friends, family and medical professionals for help with problems. While those resources are still available to today’s moms and dads, modern technology puts even more information at everybody’s fingertips. No matter if you’re raising your first or fifth child, there are literally thousands of different smartphone applications available to make your life easier. To save you the time of sorting through some of the less useful programs, here are 10 great iPhone apps that help with parenting.

parenting iphone apps

parenting iphone apps

For When Your Child Runs Into a Wall: iHomeopath

Childhood comes with its share of bumps, bruises and cuts, and some injuries can be frightening to a first-time parent. While you should never forego medical attention for significant problems, there are plenty of home remedies for the following types of injuries:

  • Bee stings
  • Minor burns
  • Scraped knees
  • Small cuts

If your kid sustains an injury while exploring his or her world, simply turn to iHomeopath for a complete repository of natural ways to chase the tears away.

For When Kids Said They Didn’t Have to Go But Actually Do: SitOrSquat

Adults generally have the ability to suppress bathroom urges until there’s an accessible facility, but a younger child might not have developed those muscles. If you’re out and about with your kids at a park or playground, it’s not uncommon for nature to call with little to no warning, which means you could be a few short minutes away from a bathroom emergency situation. SitOrSquat uses your phone’s GPS to find the nearest public restrooms, and it even includes a cleanliness rating system.

For When You Have Flashbacks of Forgetting Tickles the Bear: Baby Pack & Go

As a parent, it’s your job to expose your children to the surrounding world, but it can seem like a logistical nightmare to take your kids on the road. Not only do you have to pack enough food and supplies to get through the day, you’ll also need medication and other solutions to address unforeseen situations that could pop up. Baby Pack & Go is a checklist application that helps you ensure nothing gets left behind, and you can also create different lists for recurring outings such as sports practices, band rehearsals and trips to the library.

For When You Only Want to Remember the Good Times: Shutterfly

Every day brings an opportunity to create new memories with your family as your children grow up before your eyes. You’re probably already taking plenty of pictures of your kids so you’ll remember these days when they’re older, but what do you do with those images? Not only does Shutterfly give you an online repository to store your photos, it also gives you an easy way to order picture books, calendars, coffee mugs and other keepsakes to give as gifts for birthdays and holidays.

For When You’re Feeling “Unfair”: Chore Bank

It’s important to teach older children about contributing to the family unit, which is why many parents choose to assign chores. No matter if you expect your kids to vacuum, feed the pets, mow the lawn or pitch in on other housework, Chore Bank allows you to assign a monetary value to each activity for easy allowance disbursement. Even if you don’t believe in allowances, you can still have your son or daughter earn virtual dollars to exchange for privileges such as extra television or internet time.

For When You Can’t Stand to Be Away a Second Longer: Skype

Today’s working parents often find themselves away from home on business trips, and it’s difficult to be separated from your kids. In the past, the only way to overcome the distance between you and your family was a phone call before bedtime, but technology provides a better way. Video chatting applications such as Skype allow you and your children to see each other, which can be comforting to parties on both sides of the camera. You can also use this app to give far-flung relatives a chance to be a regular part of your son or daughter’s life.

For When You Watch to Chill Out on Social Media Posting: Tinybeans

You’ll experience many milestones as you raise your child, and it’s important to document benchmarks such as these:

  • First time turning over
  • First steps
  • First word
  • Growth

Tinybeans helps you use photos, videos and measurements to create a virtual baby book for each of your children. You can even share updates with your friends and relatives without overdoing it on your normal social media feeds.

For When You Think the Other Parent Needs a Break From the Smartphone: Cloud Baby Monitor

Monitors are essential for families with very young children, but why spend extra money on a clunky piece of hardware when you already have the technology in your pocket? Install Cloud Baby Monitor on two of your mobile devices and place one of them in the crib next to your son or daughter. This application can come in especially handy when traveling, as it allows you to leave some bulky equipment at home. While this virtual monitoring system is convenient, it does require one of you to commit to an evening without playing on the phone, so take turns.

For When You Go to Work, But Your Mind Doesn’t: Babysitting Pro

The first time you leave your child with a babysitter can be a nerve-racking experience for any parent. If you’ve spent the last few months attending to all of your baby’s needs, you might be worried that the caregiver isn’t doing everything you did while you were at home on leave. Instead of incessantly calling your poor nanny for updates, have him or her use Babysitting Pro to keep track of feeding, diaper changes, stories, naps and other tasks. Depending on your settings, you can get updates hourly, daily or on a task-by-task basis.

For When a Burger and Fries Won’t Cut It: HealthyOut

If you’re out on the road with your kids, it’s only a matter of time before you hear “I’m hungry” emanating from the back seat. You could cruise into the closest drive-thru for a quick fix, but why not opt for something healthier? HealthyOut harnesses the power of your phone’s GPS to find smarter choices in your area to help sate those cravings without piling on the extra calories, additives and preservatives.

While all of these applications can make it easier for you to raise your children, none of them are a substitute for the interaction your baby gets from a loving and attentive parent. For more helpful advice to help you during this great life adventure, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.