When we think of thanksgiving we normally think about oven-roasted Turkeys, pumpkin pies, and giving thanks to loved ones.

“Thank you” is probably one of the most powerful phrases along with “I love you” and “Sorry”.

How to use it properly has always been tricky business.

In a perfect world we would say it at the right moments to the right people.

We would say it to our moms whenever we see her.

Say it when our kids help to wash dishes or when they don’t help to wash dishes.

When a colleague helps us out.

When a neighbor takes out our trash.

When a stranger points out directions.

When we help ourselves.

The list goes on.

For this thanksgiving, we at Kamo would like to urge everyone not only to say thank you to those deserving but also to do something that is deserving of a thank you.

After all it is kind of cool being on the receiving end of a “Thank you”.