The Best Parenting Blogs Every New Parent Should Bookmark Right Now!

Children have been a part of human societies since the dawn of time. You were a child once, and so was every single member of your family for generations. Your family has an enormous wealth of parenting resources for you to draw from. What possible value could web blogs be to you?

The fact is that new information is being published all the time. Researchers are continuing to find new insights and suggesting new ways for parents to improve the lives of their young. Blogs are the fastest way to share stories and ideas and results of the brave souls who put all of this new information to the test. The internet has given you access to an entire world full of similar families for advice, support and help.

Below are some popular and helpful blogs that are currently floating around online. You will find insights about the experience you can expect and pitfalls you may want to avoid.

Parenting blogger, Mom blogger

Parenting blogger, Mom blogger

Nature Mom’s Blog

One of the first concerns you should have as a parent is how you should be feeding your little ones. The Nature Mom’s Blog has got some answers for you. Run by Tiffany, a homesteader and housewife, the blog is regularly updated with tips for reducing the amount of unnatural chemicals in the food you feed your family. She also has great ideas for making the most out of limited resources and developing healthier lifestyles for you and your kids.

Dirt and Boogars

If you have kids, you are eventually going to end up being covered in Dirt and Boogars at some point. If this does not appeal to you, then there’s good news. Amanda has already tackled many issues related to the yucky parts of being the responsible adult in the house.

There is also a section set aside specifically for addressing the issue of anger in motherhood. Many new parents forget that there will be challenging times. Your stuff is going to get dirty. Your things are going to get broken. Your plans are going to get ruined, and you are going to feel anger sooner or later. Most people are not comfortable with anger and are unwilling to acknowledge or even deal with it. This blog takes an honest look that validates these feelings and channels them in constructive directions.

My Kind of Parenting

This is a blog for the parent that wants to feel better about not being perfect. There are no advice columns here. You won’t read any pious decrees of what bad parents do and good parents don’t. Instead, this blog focuses on making honest observations about being a parent.

There isn’t always a fix for every little detail that you are dissatisfied with. Sometimes you just need to read through a relatable experience before resolving an issue. My Kind of Parenting presents articles that are entertaining and can give you the encouragement you need to solve a problem on your own.

How to Be a Dad

Some guys need to just bluntly ask the question. What do dads do anyway? There is no real answer to that question. Some dads are very enthusiastically involved in their children’s lives. Others just stand around and hold the camera. How to Be a Dad attempts to put all of this into perspective.

Approaching the issue of Dad’s place in the family with humor gives you the chance to ask the dumb questions you may not feel comfortable vocalizing. This blog is loaded with amusing instructional diagrams and relatable stories. It is a lighthearted look at fatherhood and has links to other valuable resources.

Life of Dad

This one isn’t technically a blog. It’s a social network for dads. You are reading this list to learn about blogs. Including a social network here is breaking the rules, but who cares! If you think that you are going to have things go according to plan all the time, then you are in for a surprise. Life doesn’t follow the rules, and your kids probably aren’t going follow them all the time either. Fortunately, Life of Dad is a here to help.

This website has everything that a modern dad needs to connect and share with other dads.

  • Create your online profile
  • Connect with other dads around the world
  • Join discussion groups and share ideas about important topics
  • Start blogging your own experiences

The most important blog you may read online is your own. Sharing your own experience as a father can be therapeutic and may help another through a difficult time. You are joining a community of dads that all have the same goal to be a great father.

Working Mother

Now that the rules are being broken, consider Working Mother. This site is not just a blog. It is an entire resource dedicated to moms with jobs. It is increasingly common for both parents to hold full time careers just to earn the income necessary for raising children. This site has many resources to help women balance their responsibilities to their jobs and their families at the same time.

Taking time out of work to raise a family can be a difficult decision to make. Working Mother is focused on helping you to minimize the impact on your career that your children will have while also supporting you as a parent.

High quality articles are targeted specifically at career women. There is a link to upcoming conferences where you can meet other working professionals in person. A list of blog resources connects you with individual working mothers that share their experiences, and Working Mother also conducts its own research studies.

On Your Mark! Get Set! Parent!

Reading up on these blogs may help you to prepare for the challenge of being a parent, but everyone’s experience is unique. There are going to be challenging moments, amusing moments, times of frustration, and times of great joy.

It is important to remember that your children are depending on you to be the best parent that you can be. These blogs won’t have all of the answers you are looking for, but they can be part of the support system you need to succeed.

Subscribe to some of these websites or branch out and connect with an online community of parents in your area. KAMO is another valuable resource that offers new parents plenty of helpful advice. You can subscribe and follow regular updates by hitting Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


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