“How do you keep your house clean”, a seemingly important question but also one that is rarely asked.

It’s definitely not a conversation starter or something you want to ask your date on a night out.

Maybe only once in a while when you come across an extremely busy friend whose house is spotless will you think to ask this question.

One thing is for certain that most of us do not like to clean and will think of any excuse to get ourselves out of doing it.

In recent years there has been an explosion of public interest in using iRobots, little circular robots that automatically move around and vacuum its path.

Our design team at Kamo got together and thought about the idea of a perfect cleaning bot., one that will solve all your cleaning nightmares.

“It should definitely be able to climb stairs, and mop the floor too”

“Better yet climb any surface, sense the type of surface, and clean it using appropriate methods.”

“It should be able to clean toilets! Hate cleaning toilets.”

“Oh and take out the garbage as well.”

“Laundry maybe?”

“This is never going to end is it?”

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