Travelling with babies is very much like having one of your best dreams and nightmares at the same time. Every parent will most likely come across this scenario: you are at home taking care of your baby, and there are a million things to do, you finally finish everything, the baby is fed and asleep, you sit on your favorite chair and you think, “I really need some fresh air.” You get up and start packing everything you need to take the baby out: diapers, milk bottle, pacifier, baby formula, it’s a never ending list. Thirty minutes later you are finally good to go, you strap your sleeping baby into the car seat and you set out. “Fresh air at last!” and then your baby wakes up, you’re thinking if she cries it’s certainly the end of your world but then she just stares out the car window, you see the amazement and curiosity in her eyes. Every bit of scenery is completely new and exciting for her and you just feel happy, peaceful. You are just glad that you got her out, and then she smiles at a random tree, you smile, and it’s the perfect moment and everything seems worth it… until a motorist goes zooming by, she starts crying and you are snapped back to reality.

As parents, we all understand the joy and the hassle that comes with taking our babies out. You love it and you hate it (which coincidentally sums up parenting). You love the fact that you get to show the world to them but you hate the fact you can’t go to your favorite restaurant anymore because they have a live band and when the saxophone player goes off so does your baby. You love the fact that they are intrigued by everything they see but hate the fact that they try to eat everything they see. And sometimes it’s not about going out for them it’s about going out for you because you need it, that you just can’t stand changing another diaper on your kitchen counter while making dinner and doing laundry all at the same time. However, the longer you stay out, the more you will start to doubt your decision for bringing them out because babies go to war with the rules of the world and they win most of the time and you are left feeling like the lone Shield agent after the Avengers’ Battle of New York.

Babies make and wreck our days every day, and it’s the struggle through all the constant serenity and chaos that we learn to become better individuals for ourselves and for them. So next time when you take your babies out think about this: 60 years later they will be the ones taking you out so you better do a good job.

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