Weekend Getaway With a Toddler: Miami

If you’re looking for a great place to get away from your daily routine for a short weekend trip, Miami may be the perfect spot. Not only is this glitzy and exotic Florida metropolitan area a hot spot for partiers and vacationers, it’s also incredibly family friendly. That’s why Miami should be first on your list of city destinations for a weekend getaway with a toddler. With incredible weather, a unique coastal location on the Atlantic Ocean and a diverse combination of culture and history, Miami is a great place to take children of all ages. To make the most of your limited time in the city, you’ll need to plan out your trip carefully. Here are some tips to follow for a great weekend trip to Miami with a toddler.

South Beach, Miami Beach. Florida.

South Beach, Miami Beach. Florida.

Best Places to Take Your Toddler in Miami

Once you get to Miami, you’ll have to pare down the recommended lists for sightseeing down to a few favorites for your limited time in the city. The great weather and array of activities in Miami offer plenty of opportunities for toddlers to explore and learn about the world. Here are the best sights to put on your itinerary for a weekend visit to Miami:

  • Crandon Park Beach – Miami has miles of world-famous palm tree lined beaches that are perfect for any family looking for fun. Crandon Park Beach is known for gentle surf and golden sands that are ideal for building sandcastles. Spend a few hours frolicking in the waves with your little one in this incredible spot.
  • Miami Seaquarium – After being out in the sun all morning at the beach, you can help your toddler learn more about all of the various sea creatures of the Atlantic at Miami’s own Seaquarium. This popular family spot features Lolita the killer whale and plenty of other marine mammals that kids can visit and experience. There are also plenty of hands-on water activities perfect for tiny hands.
  • Zoo Miami – When you’re ready to get out of the water and explore more land-based attractions, start at Zoo Miami. There are more than 500 species on exhibit at this top zoological attraction for kids. Kids love the opportunities available, like camel rides and a giraffe feeding station.
  • Coconut Grove – If you want to get a glimpse of Miami’s history, you can take a tour of the iconic Coconut Grove neighborhood from the 19th century. Toddlers will love navigating the quiet streets and seeing the historic buildings and structures. You’ll get plenty of photo opportunities with peacocks roaming around the area and gorgeous palm trees that line the walkways.
Beautiful Crandon Park Beach located in Key Biscayne in Miami.

Beautiful Crandon Park Beach located in Key Biscayne in Miami.

Make Memories at These Amazing Miami Sights

After your quick trip to Coconut Grove, you can find even more eye-popping sights that make perfect backdrops for a great book of photo memories. Take a tour of a few of these iconic spots and don’t forget to bring your camera. Here are the recommended places to visit for a Miami family photo shoot:

South Beach, Miami Beach. Florida.

South Beach, Miami Beach. Florida.

  • South Beach – When people think of Miami, one of the first images that may pop in their mind is the famous South Beach neighborhood setting. This fast-paced region of the city makes for a dramatic photo opportunity, especially at night when the lights are flashing and the atmosphere is festive.
  • Miami Beach Botanical Gardens – For a more natural setting that showcases all of the beauty of this southern destination, take a quick trip to the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens. Let your toddler run around while you take action shots of her in front of nature’s bounty.
  • Lummus Park – You’ll also need some great shots of you and your toddler playing on the beautiful beaches of Miami and wandering around in the sand. One of the best spots for sand, sun and tall palm trees is at Lummus Park. Time your visit just around dusk to take advantage of the gorgeous light on the water.
  • Art Deco District – No photo memory book should be complete without a few snapshots of some of Miami’s most stunning buildings. Head to the city’s Art Deco district to get some impressive shots for your social media timeline.
Art Deco District, Miami. Photo: Dicas Da Florida

Art Deco District, Miami. Photo: Dicas Da Florida

 Restaurants Your Toddler Will Love in Miami

After a busy weekend of seeing Miami’s best sights and playing on the beach, you and your toddler will be hungry. Here are some great spots for food to put onto your route as you make your way through the city:

  • Cuban Eats – The influence of Cuba can be felt in many parts of this area of Florida. Take a break and taste some of Cuba’s best dishes at Puerto Sagua, which offers simple Cuban favorites.
  • Comfort Food – Kids will love the menu and the interesting setting of popular comfort food stop Big Pink. You and your toddler can try some of their unique TV dinner offerings for a fun lunch idea.
  • Ice Cream Spot – The hot Miami sun will have both you and your toddler needing some cool refreshment. Try Bianco Gelato for some natural ingredients and tasty flavors that will surely be a relief on a hot summer day.
Puerto Sagua's Cuban sandwich is served all day and comes in a medium or large size. Photo: Serious Eats

Puerto Sagua's Cuban sandwich is served all day and comes in a medium or large size. Photo: Serious Eats

Stay Safe in Miami

Before you head out to this spot in Florida, make sure you prepare so your trip is safe and enjoyable. Here are some ways you and your toddler can stay safe:

  • The Sun – The sun may be more powerful in this part of the country, so be sure to pack plenty of sunscreen and apply liberally.
  • Mosquitos and the Zika Virus – Mosquitos may be more common in this part of the United States, and the Zika virus has been found in a few cases. Bring a strong mosquito repellant to keep bug bites from ruining your vacation.
  • Ocean Currents – Swimming in the powerful Atlantic Ocean can be tough for small children, so make sure you are right alongside your toddler at all times when you go to the beach.

Your Miami weekend can be success with your toddler when you take advantage of these top tips for your getaway. To find out more about how to maximize your time in Miami, follow KAMO on Twitter at @kamo_family, on Facebook or check out Instagram and search for the term kamofamily.

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