Bento Box

Nowhere else will you find simple lunch boxes turned into pieces of art. These detailed lunch boxes will make you want to stare at them in awe more than actually wanting to eat them. Don’t show too many of these to your kids though, imagine the work.


If your kids like candies, this is the place to be or not to be? Japan will never fail to surprise you with the types of candies they have. From gazillion different flavors to various textures to all shape and sizes, anything is possible with candies from Japan. Also, if you are a fan of kitkats, Japan is the only place to find every flavor of Kitkats. 

Cherry Blossom

These beautiful pinkish flowers decorate streets and parks of Japan. They are the country’s national flower and symbolize spring and new beginnings. Kids might not like cherry blossoms though as they always coincide with the beginning of a new school year but it is quite the sight when they blossom and even more the sight when they fall.

Cooking your own food

From sukiyaki to okonomiyaki, Japan puts fun and style back into cooking yourself at a restaurant. We always teach kids not to play with their food but in these Japanese restaurants they will actually teach you how to play with your food and play it the proper way.

Ghibli Museum

This museum features all of our fav. Ghibli characters from the Totoro cat bus to the Laputa robot; it has original hand drawn anime drafts, a nice little cozy cafe and even a miniature theatre that features short Ghibli films that are only screened here. Miyazaki Hayao personally designed the place for kids to be lost in as there is no “correct” path or way to view the museum. For those Mr. Hayao fans out there, this museum is definitely worth a visit.  

Everything Matcha

The soothing, peaceful and calm flavor of Japan’s green tea is well known. Tea fans are in for a treat in Japan as they can explore the many fun and intriguing aspects of Japanese green tea. You can take your children to a tea experience sessions where they will learn the upmost important lesson of patience, and more patience, and hang on..., more patience.


“Katsudon” means fried pork rice (direct translation), but the dish also has another meaning. The word “Katsu” also sounds similar with the word “to be victorious” or “to win”. In the Japanese culture it’s good to eat Katsudon before something important such as a test, interview or a difficult task as a sign of good luck. So next time before that test, serve some Katsudon to your kids, it might do wonders.


You’ve seen them in movies. Did you know that a typical Japanese Kimono can easily cost up to USD 10,000? Normally worn by Japanese women at special moments, the Kimono has become a symbol of Japan. These days there are stores where tourists can rent out kimonos and experience a day of kimono wearing so next time when you see someone in a kimono; don’t be too anxious to take a picture with them as they might be just like you, a fellow tourist.

Kobe Beef

One of the most renowned beef dishes in the world for its tenderness, marbled fat texture and its flavor. If a place has become famous due to its meat dish then it’s probably worth it to give it a taste don’t you think?


Mascots in Japan represent a whole lot more than just sports teams. In Japan these large, cute and random figures represent cities, TV stations, companies, sports teams, parks, the list goes on. Each one will have their individual story, personality and even special moves. Don’t forget to look for one of them while you are there because you are in for a treat if you find one.

Surreal Hot Spring/Onsen

Onsen or Japanese hot spring is one of the major tourist attractions of Japan. Most Onsen hotspots in Japan have numerous hotels and tourist attractions surrounding the area making them a perfect place for family vacations.

Pokemon Center

Pokemon fans will not want to miss out on this place; it has just about everything that’s related to the famed anime and game. From stuffed Pokemons to figures to cards to accessories; the only thing you might have to worry about is taking your kids here and them not wanting to leave.


Ramen or Japanese noodle has become one of the most popular dishes in Japan and is also becoming a trend around the globe. Do not underestimate the power of just Japanese noodle in soup; some of the top ramen stores are so popular that you might have to wait a couple of hours just to get a bowl. Some ramen stores are even open 24 hours. There are so many of them and so many varieties it’s recommended to do some serious and we mean serious research before heading to any ramen store.

Shinkansen/High Speed Railways

Because well trains are just not fast enough! The maximum operating speed of the fastest Shinkansen is around 300km/h (200mph). Even though tickets aren’t exactly cheap using the Shinkasen to travel long distances within Japan is very convenient. It’s also very safe too, during its 50 years of operation; there have been zero records of fatalities due to collisions or de-railing. It’s definitely a great option if you don’t want to go through the hassle of going to an airport but also want to get to your destination within Japan in just a couple of hours.

Sumo Wrestling

I am sure many of us are intrigued with Sumo as in we have no idea what the sport is about. It looks easy on paper; two overweight and powerful people try to push each other out of a ring but Sumo wrestling means so much more in Japan. The sport itself is filled with traditions, rituals, rules and regulations which ties greatly into the Japanese culture. It is very difficult being a sumo wrestler, their lifestyle is very much regulated and the average life expectancy of a sumo wrestler is more than 10 years shorter than the average Japanese male. Even if you do not understand the rules it is worth to pay a visit to a sumo tout where you will experience not just a sport of two overly large men wrestling each other but an entire culture. 

Traditional Tatami Hotels

Another intriguing invention by the Japanese, a tatami is a mat used in traditional Japanese styled rooms (Washitsu). Today they are not only found in most Japanese households but also in traditional hotels or Ryokans. It’s definitely a unique experience to stay in a Japanese traditional Ryokan and enjoy the unique experience of eating, sleeping and living on a tatami mat.

Smart Toilet

If you’ve seen the pictures you know why toilets in Japan are a unique attraction as they tend to look more like panels on a spaceship than a simple toilet seat. They are so many buttons that those of us unfamiliar with it are always tempted to press but end up not doing anything as we are scared of the outcome. Curious individuals will stand a far and test out all buttons and witness the many quirky functions of a Japanese toilet seat. Overall the one function that we all seem to marvel and enjoy is the automated heated seat. If you are travelling on a cold winter day in Japan these quirky seats may be lifesaving.   

Vending Machine for literally anything

There is only one thing special about Japanese vending machines, just the lone one, nothing special, it’s just that it sells EVERYTHING. Need a diaper for your crying baby, done! Need some underwear; there you go! Need a hot cup of ramen, right around that corner sir! We marvel at all the things one can buy from a vending machine in Japan. It has become somewhat of a tourist ritual to find the most unexpected item that you can buy in a Japanese vending machine and let us tell you, some of these are just bizarre! 

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