Meet the KAMO Family

What do you think of when you hear the word family? Happiness? Fun? Memories? Encouragement? Common values and goals? Unique talents and traits? If it’s all of the above, then you understand what we’re all about. Family is at the center of KAMO, from our beginning story to our end products.

We started out as just four members of the same company, with our workplace the only thing we had in common (or so we thought). Our personalities couldn’t be more different. Yet, we found something that united us all despite our diversity: the desire to change the world for the better.

That’s a broad goal, so as we discussed (over coffee, of course) how we could accomplish this, we discovered that our overarching theme was family. We wanted to be a part of bringing joy to every family, because happy, united families are the foundation of a happy, united world.

KAMO was born. The purpose of its creation is to provide products that nurture joyfulness and bring families closer together, making the world a more pleasant place to live in. We want to help others see how we are all in this thing called life together, doing our best in facing shared challenges and cherishing the numerous precious moments we are blessed with.